Mata Di Chownki - April 06th Saturday.        Ram Navami - Sunday 14 April 2019.        Tamil New Year - Sunday 14 April 2019.        

Shri Hanuman Blesses Shri Shiva Mandir

June 2016

Shri Shiva Mandir celebrated the unavaran (unveiling) of the statue of Shri Hanuman. It was attended by a large number, an historic record! Ceremonies commenced with usual rituals. Procession of devotees carried the statue of Shri Hanuman Ji's statue around the temple complex accompanied by the musicians and singers.

Navratri : Nine Devine Nights

August 2016

Shail Putri : She was born as daughter (Putri) to the mountain (Shail ), Himalaya. She is worshipped in this form on the first night of Navaratri. A Yogi positions his/her mind in the 'Mooladhar' stage of worship. In Her previous birth She was born to the Brhama's son King Daksha where She was married to Lord Shiva.

Mata Di Chownki

April 06th Saturday

Ram Navami

Sunday 14 April 2019

Tamil New Year

Sunday 14 April 2019