Mata Di Chownki - April 06th Saturday.        Ram Navami - Sunday 14 April 2019.        Tamil New Year - Sunday 14 April 2019.        

Mandir employs qualified and experienced priests to provide religious/spiritual services at the Mandir as well as at devotees homes. Services are provided as per the scriptures. Priests are able to conduct pooja for all gods, goddesses, Nav Graha, weddings at the Mandir as well as outside the Mandir. Special occasions like birthdays, weddings anniversaries, Griha Pravesh (entering a new house). Please contact the Mandir for your requirements. Priests are able to which Pooja is the most suitable for your needs.

Mata Di Chownki

April 06th Saturday

Ram Navami

Sunday 14 April 2019

Tamil New Year

Sunday 14 April 2019